How Fast Will I Get Better After Stretta

This is the both the most frequent and most important question. It is very important to not expect an immediate or instant improvement after the procedure. It takes at least 2 weeks for the tissue to heal, which is when a few patients may begin to experience some initial relief from their symptoms.

Everyone is different in their ability to heal and develop sphincter muscle enlargement and strength. It is only when the tissue heals and the sphincter muscle becomes stronger, that the reflux begins to improve. This process may take as long as 8-12 months to occur, but for many it occurs by 3-5 months.

Do not set unrealistic expectations for when you will feel better. Otherwise you will be unnecessarily disappointed. The recovery and healing process is best described as “slow and steady wins the race.” Look for small weekly improvements to occur over time.

Also, be aware that occasionally, despite an initial rapid improvement, you may experience a return of your symptoms of heartburn and reflux.

This usually occurs when there is a reduction or disappearance of the barrier effect of the procedure prior to the full onset of the sphincter muscle hypertrophy effect.

This period, known as a lag phase, which typically is seen 3­ to 8 weeks after the procedure, is only a temporary setback, which responds to the reintroduction of medication. If this lag phase or recurrence ofsymptoms occurs, it will usually pass in several weeks and continued improvement will resume. Only 25% of patients will experience the lag phase.

Once your heartburn and reflux symptoms begin to improve, your physician will start to decrease and eventually discontinue your medications.

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